It has been an absolutely beautiful weekend at the lake.  Last round of summer weather before the color starts and fall temps



It has been a golden weekend in more ways than one



Jackie Thompson brought up the hit of the weekend.  Little 8 week old Rosie.  How can  you resist an 8 week old golden retriever puppy.  Answer to that is you can’t resist them.  Poor Rosie took a few unintended dips in the lake tripping over or back into the lake.  Jackie was never far away to scoop her up and dry her off to do it all over again.  Jackie sadly lost her last golden Emma last spring and it was just not the same having the Thompson family to the resort without a golden this last July.  Addi the Shitzu puppy of John and Karen stole the show in July with the cuteness factor and Rosie stole Labor Day Weekend.  I will be fun to see both dogs play next July



Mack checking out Rosie  and giving her swimming advice



Mack our non swimming golden happily showed Rosie how to get a drink without getting in too deep.



A quick retreat back up the steps and no swimming required



Other golden events were my latest scrap socks made from the left overs of other socks.  I blended together every type of yarn I could find in oranges, reds and greens.  There are size 6 – 7 ladies shoe size and 27 dollars.  They have to be hand washed in cold and hung to dry.  There are some 100 percent wools in parts of this sock that will shrink if treated wrong.  The colors came out nice



Craig stopped by to see what was going on and could not believe this chair was in the garage sale pile.  He was sure it should head to Bayview and Murry would love it.  I shook my head and said no Murry would love the new leather recliner I just put in Bayview and there would be some comments made if this appeared as Murry’s new livingroom chair.  However I heard that if anyone in the Christian Family wants to give Nathan a Christmas gift he would love to have this chair in his man cave.  I am not daring to actually send it and hear what Jaimie has to say on the subject.  Nathan and Craig are the only ones I have found with a love affair with this chair