Troy and I loaded up the red ski boat and headed to Lake Minocqua.  Our cleaning was done for the day and time to go play



It is a different view when cruising from the lake instead of being in Minocqua or driving across the bridge



Time to remember what bouy’s mean and slide under the bridge



Cruising the lake and enjoying the warm September afternoon.



Taking the old boat through the channel between Minocqua and Tomahawk.



We made it out on to Lake Tomahawk.  Lake Tomahawk is huge, windy and wavy.  The little boat took the waves like a champ but we decided to head back before we needed a chiropractor.  There are no shocks in the boat, you feel every wave that hits it

We will return to Lake Tomahawk another day



When we got home we discovered Craig went shopping again.  He is the only one I know who requires a semi to bring his goodies back.  There are a couple of porch roofs for Shamrock and Muskie on the load along with enough paving stone to keep the guys busy for a couple of years



Yep trouble when a fork lift is involved.  This is what happens when we leave him in back in charge for the day

The Lake Tomahawk trip might have to wait for next we will find a log truck or a front end loader in the driveway