Fall is such a beautiful time of year in the Northwoods.  But also brings the end of the season and a few losses

Last week we lost a wonderful lady, Char Schmelzer, this week we lost another neighbor in that week, Aunt Betty.  Char and Aunt Betty were resort neighbors and spent many hours enjoying each others company over the 2 weeks they visited the resort each summer during the same 2 weeks with their families.  Aunt Betty goes back a long way and I am not sure the exact year she started at the resort with her sister Lorraine Johnson.  I believe Betty and Lorraine came with their parents as well.  Both Lorraine and Betty have now passed but their family continues to come Donna and John Pyfer, Lorraine’s daughter.  Donna’s kids Jim and Leanne come now with their families and the latest generation of small ones to enjoy the beach and fishing



Here is Leanne and her husband David with Donna’s husband John watching bravely as the next generation is fishing on the dock



If I counted right Izzy makes it 5 generations up enjoying Lower Kaubashine and time with family.  Aunt Betty is smiling somewhere happy to see her family continue the tradition her parents started many many years ago.  Donna will correct me but I am thinking it is about 60 years or more



Kaubashine and Shamrock will feel a little emptier with out Aunt Betty…



They seem sad among the leaves today



But moments like this will make everyone smile next summer as they duck when the girls cast off for the big fish



Goodbye Aunt Betty, I will miss our rendezvous at Shamrock where she and I would conduct our business away from the rest of the family.

She was a good lady who lived a good life with her family



But the lake just seems a little quieter today



A little sadder…  She will be missed