First for everyone that needs a pretty color shot of the lake.  Here is the hill this morning.  Our color is behind and still has not reached peak.  Colors will hopefully be good still for the next couple of weeks



Big welcome to Penny (aka Penelope), the newest in a long line of resort dogs to call Black’s Cliff home.  Steve adopted her yesterday from the humane society.  She is 4 months old and bounding ball of energy following Steve around the resort exploring all the new smells.  She is some sort of wire terrier and black lab mix.



How can you not love this face.  She will be spotted at the resort bounding around whenever Steve is working at the resort.  She and Steve will compete for the best beard this winter.  We think she will be a great addition to the resort



Mack likes her but……



Is happy she will go home at the end of the day and not interrupt his late afternoon nap



Old dogs just love their world invaded by bouncing puppies.  He will be showing her the ropes and how to properly look in windows for bacon