The guys have been doing some work to our old shed.  This shed is one of the last remaining original buildings of the resort.  It has had a lot of tweaks and changes over its almost 100 years.  It was originally built to house the model T cars that came to the resort.  At one time it had a ice house attached

resort 48151


Here is a pic from back in the day probably the early 60’s or mid 50’s showing the same shed and an oak tree much smaller with the basketball hoop.  Not much changes.  Craig is asking me to find a new Smokey the Bear sign for the peak of the roof that has worn out over time.  Ebay here I come for that



Back to remodeling the shed….  Over time, a building that was probably never built straight has gotten even more crooked with time.  The guys working on straightening and reinforcing the building



When in the shed you find interesting load bearing walls like this that need some help



While in the shed you also find interesting artifacts like this.  Where did it come from?  What was it used for?



Along with other oddities collected over 100 years.



Golfing anyone?



Back to straightening.  Jacks were used and a lot of creaking and snapping happened.  Troy and Steve put a new facia board on the outside



Lots of new rafters supporting the old ones



Here they are jacking up the building that was never straight in the first place



Contemplating the next move.  Some of this involved removing some antique boards that had lived their life.



New facia board up



Figuring out how to get the belly out of the roof.  More jacking required



Finished product ready for the next 50 years or so



The boats started to come out of the water.  All the green boats are now up to be cleaned.  We leave 7 other boats the lake for folks to use until just before ice up



Ready to be cleaned and stacked until spring when the green paint comes out again



Time to also get the humming bird feeders down.  I missed Char Schmelzer who always did this for me……



Now a task I don’t mind doing and shall always think of her every time I take them down and put them up.  Washed and bagged and ready for next summer



Birchwood got a little TLC.  I found this nice rug to add to the cabin



MIchelle Bronsky added this neat hand made Tic Tac Toe board to the cabin.  I hope all enjoy it and keep the pieces together.  Thanks Michelle!

resort 48118


Back to closing down and getting ready for scenes like this.  Happy the shed is ready for the snow

Stay tuned for Craig’s latest shopping trip to town purchase.  Coming next week.  Will make Steve happy this winter with a new toy to play with in the snow

We have gone from 3 night minimums for the weekends to 2 night minimums (sometimes 1 night if you catch me in the right mood, and cabins are available) from now til Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving we have a 3 night minimum and calls are coming in for that time so don’t wait too long to call.  Christmas/New Years and winter are also coming in.  There is nothing like a weekend in a cabin with the snow coming down to relax you in front of a fireplace