It was a big day on Lower Kaubashine.  Our lake association petitioned the DNR to stock our lake this year which they have not done for awhile.  The DNR denied our request due to a lack of a public landing.  Lower Kaubashine has several public accesses.  All of them are walk in and one of them, the main one has a wheel chair ramp after a resident on the lake made phone calls to the state and pulled a few strings.  Our boat access though is through Hilltop Resort where Mary Ellen and Tom monitor boats going through for invasives and charge a nominal 5 dollar fee for this service which they give back to you if you go down to the bar and spend the 5 dollar chip they give you.  Seems like a small price to pay for someone keeping an eye out 24 hours a day for invasive species on boats being launched.  No other boat landing in Hazelhurst is monitored as well as Tom and Mary Ellen try at Hilltop.  So the thought of giving up that monitoring for a open landing with no monitoring to get some fish in the lake did not seem like a fair trade.  Instead the Lake Association asked for donations for fish stocking.  They were pleasantly surprised by the response and went through the correct channels to get stocking approval from the state, hunted down a supplier and here is the result.  Walleyes being stocked into the lake as the first of hopefully many privately funded stocking of Lower Kaubashine.  I have a jar on my desk and Mary Ellen has one at Hilltop that you can donate to.  100 percent of donations buy fish to stock the lake.



Getting ready to load up and take the fish out to the lake



Getting a spot to hold the fish on the boat ready



Time to load up the fish.  They bought 8 inch Walleye hoping hte survival rate on them would be higher than smaller



Some will recognize Burnie Lueth who was one of the people on the fish stocking committee for the Lake Association



Loaded up and ready to go to their new home





They were released in several areas around the lake.  Hats off to everyone that cared and helped to make this happen