The lake and the dock are definitely feeling like late fall.  Slowly all the chairs are making it up the hill.  Just a few left at the beach.  Time to get the dock, slide and raft in soon.  This might be the final time the white dock is taken out.  There are plans for next spring and a new dock



Beach looking a little empty



Pontoon loaded up  and ready to head out for the winter.



Pontoons in dry dock for the winter



Shed remodeling continues with a new roof for the old shed.  Old roof had to come off first



Craig overseeing the work from his favorite vantage point with a Miller Lite in his hand.  Miller was on sale and better priced than Old Milwaukee this week



Cleared off and ready for shingles



The old shed is looking stylish in its old age of almost 100 years old.  What would Maynard say to expensive shingles put on the shed over black tar paper.  He is rolling his eyes somewhere

resort 48140-1


Highway robbery is what he would say.

resort 48151


I had a addition to this old picture shared by Craig.  This is a pic of Maynard’s good friend Jugo (his wife was Put, they had interesting names).  He had just finished pouring the cement with Maynard for the fish house and was doing a jog in celebration of the completion of the fish house.  Besides having an interesting name apparently he was a good dancer too.  Maynard and Millie had some unique friends