It is late fall and the leaves have fallen and time to get some work done before winter



Boats are slowly being piled up



Coming home from college always means helping getting the storm windows on the house



Filling the woodshed.  They have worked all summer at pecking away at a pile of wood splitting it and now got to spend time getting it in the shed



Coming home from school to get their wadders on to take out docks with dad



Learning the important things in life like what is a crescent wrench



And the proper colorful word to say when you drop a nut in the lake.  The things you learn growing up at a resort

Resort 1973162


Taught at an early age the importance of digging large circular holes and what frozen air bubbles are in the septic tank

80's family pics 27


How to have fun with your little brother while fighting galactic storm troopers hidden in the brush pile you are cleaning up.

Resort 1968 Millie and Alma raking-2

Helping out with the raking



All the fun joys of fall growing up at a resort.

Text to Ben and Grant this morning “Moving winter wood over to the house after school.  See you there”

Those thinking about Thanksgiving at the resort we still have some openings Birchwood, Wigwam, Norway and Red Pine.  Give a call if interested