We have decided it is time after over 50 years to make a new dock at the beach.  So it was time for the last time to take the old white dock out and haul it down to Hilltop to get it out of the lake.  This has not been done in over 50 years…  How do you get one heavy old dock out of the lake?


Answer, in pieces.  The idea was to tow these two pieces down to Hilltop and load them up on the pontoon trailer.  What could possibly go wrong?


Lining up the pieces behind the boat, roped together


Starting to head out, all seems to be working well


Hmmm pieces do not seem to let the boat turn….  and they are headed in the wrong direction


Time to rethink this idea


Penny in back of Steve trying to help


Penny decided to check out the problem herself


Ummmm….. don’t forget the dog please


All seems to be working headed now in the right direction


Troy and I a few minutes later notice that Steve appears to be headed to the middle of the lake.  The steering of the 2 dock pieces does not seem to be working


Time to send out a 2nd boat to help with power


Two boats pulling was the answer and of course the help of Penny who I am sure was wondering how to jump in my boat to help me.  Thankfully she stayed with Steve.  We all know Mack’s aversion to boats, he was happily at the top of the hill watching the fiasco with his 4 paws safely on the ground


Off we go to Hilltop


Loaded up on the pontoon boat trailer and that is enough for one day.  Got to be an easier way to get the other 3 sections….


Here is their answer to the other 3 sections.  Loading them up in a boat instead of dragging them


Now how do you get a heavy overloaded boat out of the water?


Ughh… the boat is wider than the trailer


Lets just crank it up and see what happens


Almost there…..


And out of the water it goes


Do you see a problem here?  Boat is suspended above the trailer.  Luckily we were not going far

Missing pic was the guys denailing the old boards because Craig has plans for them.  Stay tuned

Speaking of Craig, I mentioned he went on a shopping trip to town the other day.  He has left for Arizona so I had to go sign some papers and pick up his purchase


It is fitting that Black’s Cliff have a black truck.  Steve is just happy it has heated mirrors for plowing.  Question is who is going to put the first dent in the truck….  Stay tuned.  This bad boy has a lot of snow to plow this winter.  Our last truck had no frills.  IT was roll up windows, no carpet or stereo system.  Steve and Penny will be plowing in style with the stereo blaring and windows going up and down.  I can see it now

Next question is what will replace the old white dock…..  that is up for debate…  and it is being debated all winter long