I took this picture yesterday and shared it on the Black’s Cliff Facebook page.  Most of my pictures get 200 to 300 views.  For some reason this picture took off and was viewed by over 5600 people and 27 shares.  I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone on Facebook yesterday.  A warm November day to enjoy the lake


That is unless you live at a large family run resort.  Then you get to scrub algae off of the swim ladders off the raft.

People can never believe Troy and Steve do not fish or hunt living where they do.  I will just refer to this picture from now on when I am asked that question or the following pictures


A warm November morning to take out the final pieces of the old dock that was 61 years old.  I was corrected by Craig


Hey Troy, I am keeping my eye out for big muskies that we are going to go fishing for when we are done working


Troy’s comment, “yeah, after being in this cold water all morning, I would love to get in a cold metal boat with you and go muskie fishing, let me know when you are ready.”


Penny’s comment “Ummm can I chase the fish, I am tired of chasing Mack, fish sound interesting”


How about muskie fishing after the wood is piled?


Or after the leaves are raked?


Or maybe at the end of the day instead of muskie fishing we can just sit down and enjoy the view like we are good at doing


Yep the perks of the job, not muskie fishing, no time for that, but sitting back and enjoying the views