It is quiet in the Northwoods.  We have had our first couple of days without anyone staying in the resort since early May.  Hard to get used to but it does not last too long.  By Thursday folks will be arriving again.  By the way Birchwood pictured above is open this weekend so far.  One of the few weekends we have had it open


THe reason for no blog entries the last few days.  My high school friends were up and Linnea and Heidi helped me pull off a big craft fair selling a ton of socks.  When up at 5:30 and packed back up by 4pm it takes a few days to recover from that.  I call it fair hang over.


Back to the quiet lake


Mack followed me down and wanted to swim out and bark at the thing in the middle of the lake.  I will let you wonder for awhile what that floating thing is…


The last chairs at the lake.  I will give a hint to the floating thing, the raft is now in…


The canoe is on shore


Yep the Northwoods are quiet.  If you need this view and the quiet just give a call