One of our favorite traditions is taking a pick of all of our families at Thanksgiving.  The Sveda family was the first I caught today.  They are smiling and ready to enjoy some good food.  One of the boys had a youth hunt doe tag and got a nice doe on the corner before the resort


Robinson Family all set to enjoy some wonderful deviled eggs before the big meal in Shamrock


It was all about beer, cards and football with the Walstad guys who have been up hunting all week

I missed a picture of our longest group of hunters the Evans guys.  They took a break from hunting today and headed to Green Bay to see the Packer game.  They will be back in the woods tomorrow


Mary Beth and Betsy up for their traditional Thanksgiving weekend in Bayview with CC.  CC was very interested in the turkey Betsy was holding.  I caught them just as they arrived to put the bird in the oven.


The Rose family with Bella.  They were headed to Save More for a wonderful dinner from the deli that they bring back to the cabin.  After cooking all day I think they have it figured out best.


The Lawton family in Restawhile had already had their dinner and where camped out and half asleep when I knocked.  I don’t think they could be anymore comfortable


The Smits Family enjoying a game of Catan before the big feast.  Who will trade sheep for brick?


Last but not least..  The Zaremba family.  I caught them as they were recovering from sibling appreciation day.  Lauren had an ice pack up to her face from a tragic elbow to face incident.  Pam was just laughing with wine in hand and Paul’s stress level was going down with each piece of the puzzle he was putting in.


Had to show our own table where the highlight was this game we bought years ago


All sorts of things happened on the farm.  Grandma got all the money, Grant was stealing from the bank, Troy had too many farm expenses and Ben is the one who put it all together to retire first from his farm with 60 cows and 10,000.  It is all fun and games until  you have to pay your neighbor 10 dollars a cow to help you round them back up.