It was a snowy winter wonderland this morning.  Including sliding around the driveway in my car.  We don’t plow the driveway til we pack it down a little with snow and ice.  Til then it is a bit slippery for my little HHR, but pretty


I love taking pictures of Birchwood with the trees around it.  I really need to plant more around the resort just like at Birchwood….  I my spare time…


Beach steps this morning


Lake frozen over through the pines.  I hope it stays this way but we do have some warmer temps in the forecast



While it was snowing out my friend Linnea came up and I gave her some sock machine lessons with her new machine she bought.  It is identical from mine made in the USA in Missouri.


Here we are with our dueling machines taking over my dinning room.  Linnea and her machine are much happier together after 2 days of lessons with me while the snow fell outside.


In the meantime I am back to playing with my 1904 machine trying to figure out how to fix these old screw holes.  I think the answer is going to be some JBweld and going with a bolt and nut at the top and giving up on the old screw holes.  This old cylinder is either pot metal or lead