The snow and ice are beautiful.  I hope we keep them.  There are warm temps next week.


As usual, as soon as people leave the cabins the tools come out.  The guys are over at Red Pine making a mess for me.  New pine walls are going into the dinning room as we slowly remodel Red Pine one room at a time


New dining room window that cranks out for Red Pine.  We have 3 more windows bought and it just depends on how long it takes.  I am not going to miss the heavy, creaky old 70’s windows it is replacing, especially when cleaning them


Update on the restoration of my 1904 knitting machine.  Someone asked me where do you get parts for it…  Answer, you make it up as you go along.  Also be friends with the local hardware store guys who help search up parts for you


THe guys at the hardware store rethreaded the threads on my mast and made them longer and found me a washer and bolt to tighten the mast down


They then helped me find a mast weight from hardware parts that weighs the same as my 1924 mast which is the black one.  We used the 1924 mast to copy for the 1904.


Here are the two side by side


Troy figuring things


Not done but not bad


We have to make the spring on the top yet and paint it but it works I think


Got new screws to go into the cylinder


Now here is the challenge for another day.  The middle needle slot has been worn enough that the needle in it turns just a little causing the machine to jam.  We have an idea to fix this but again something for another day


I removed the bad needle from the slot and but the 1924 stand on the 1904 to try it out and it worked!  The old machine came to life minus one needle and a mast stand.  It was neat seeing the old machine come back to life.  It was a bit rough and cranky but it did what it was supposed to do.


Back in enjoying the snow