The snow report from the bear in the front yard is, winter is hanging on….  We have more snow in the forecast starting on Sunday and we hope winter gets back on track


The ice is holding on but I would not step out on it.  We need some much colder temps to make it safe again.  We might or might not have our ice skating rink going at Christmas.  Troy does not step out on the ice til he sees snowmobiles go across and we are far from that right now.  We will be happy to have snow to play in this year.  There is talk about maybe flooding part of the playground if the weather is right.  No promises


Come on winter come back to us!

We had a very nice note left behind by one of our Thanksgiving families

I am very impressed by the cleanliness and thoughtfulness of this resort

We stayed her for our honeymoon 3 years ago in a smaller cabin.  Our experience here was so pleasant that we went home and have continued to brag on your behalf.

Our family agreed to join us for a stay here for Thanksgiving because of our rave reviews.  All were pleased and delighted.  They will be singing your praises now.

You have truly captured the essence of tranquility.  You very skillfully created a haven of rest and joy where families can return to their childhoods and relive good times from days passed.

Thank you for all your thoughtful touches, practical considerations and for staying true to what really matters in peoples lives

God Bless

The Smits Family

A nice note to run into when I was cleaning up after Thanksgiving.  Thanks Smits Family!


In trying to keep the places up the guys started improvements on Red Pine changing the walls from boring paint to beautiful and warm pine siding that we love to put in.  Slowly Red Pine has been getting changed over to pine and a new window in the dinning room


The kitchen also got a new window that cranks out.  I will not miss cleaning the old windows that required a lot of effort to get out


Sanding boards for March when they take on the living room with pine paneling


All set to go in March


Future living room window.  They also have a new window for the downstairs king room.  Always something to work on

Back to doing a snow dance