After my last blog entry I went on a hiatus until we got some snow.  This is some snow but not a lot, but I am not complaining it looks pretty!  If you need this view, Birchwood is open the 23, 24 and 25th give a call.  Can’t get cozier for Christmas than Birchwood with light snow outside.  Leave the relatives a note and pack up the car


Front yard this morning



The tree’s by Shamrock always looking good in the fresh snow



Unfortunately the warm temps had quite the effect on the lake….  No hockey rink this Christmas….

Anyone want to go muskie fishing?  I was half tempted to roll a canoe in the lake and go ice breaking but the idea of slipping and taking a plunge in the cold lake was not appealing.  It is perfect though for a hot sauna and a dip in the lake as I am sure many of my Christmas folks will be doing, no need to cut a hole in the ice


It is pretty…..  in a November sort of way…


Linda and Gloria your chairs are waiting for you


No complaints, we will take it and the cold temps coming.  Friday is going down to 9 degrees at night and this lake will not stay open for long.  No complaints we have some snow and hopefully more is on the way.  Go away El Nino!