Wigwam this morning with light snow coming down.  Our light snow the other day melted and again we have started over with snow.  They keep teasing us with thoughts of more snow next week.  I sure hope so.  This is pretty but we need a few inches more before folks can play in the snow


Steve took this picture of finding one of our canoes floating in the lake a couple of days ago.  I am hoping he retrieved it.


I took this picture yesterday morning after a night of rain on the lake.  The rain was sitting on top of the ice.  It was a weird effect


This morning after a night of cold temps the top of the lake that the ice is on did refreeze and I am hoping the rest of it refreezes tonight with single digit temps.


Meanwhile we are going out to the woodpile and getting some more wood for the fire and doing the snow dance.  Atleast it is pretty outside and not brown