Our problems with uploading pics got solved.  My internet folks installed new security for hackers on our server and it booted out my pictures.  So time to catch up.  The lake is nearly frozen again.  I took this picture a couple of days ago.  Since then this spot on the lake has frozen over.  We still have some open water by the resort


Slowly freezing over again

Pretty Frozen Lake and Tree


Troy and I spent some time working on my 1904 knitting machine.  One of the needle slots was worn and the needle twisted and jammed in the slot.  Answer was some JB Weld, a credit card and vaseline and all is working again


I also needed a file to file out the needle slot and traded a jeweler in town a nice pair of socks for the file


All is working again and moving around the cylinder.  We have some work to do on the mast yet and the other cylinders need some repair as well

However it is time for Christmas and time to sit back and enjoy.  We do have cabins open right now for the next 2 weeks.  Snow is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday and hopefully it will be enough to play in!

at 5:45 pm WXPR public radio is featuring the history of Black’s Cliff Resort today with an interview they did last week.  Check it out tonight if you are bored