The snow came just as they said it would and it was time to break out the new plow truck.  Steve had a gleam in his eye firing up the truck for its first plow trip around the resort


We received about 6 inches of snow



All good news except for the lake.  It still has a stubborn spot open on it.  I saw ice fishermen on the other side yesterday but in front of the resort it remains open for now


Birdhouse snow report.  I am still having trouble with my alignment on the blog of pictures and text.  Bryon showed me how to correct it on Christmas Eve but I had a couple of holiday punches and can’t remember what to do.  Bear with me til I get Bryon again


Wood piled and ready for the cold


Steve having fun with his new toy.  Who will be the first one to take out a side mirror or dent the tail gate is the question

Cabins open all week including New Years give a call for details