I stole this picture from my sister Katie who was out hiking along the Raven trail.  I think it sums up the end of the Holidays.  Great time, and sad to see it go.

The lakes are slowly freezing and I follow the rule of thumb that I follow others tracks.

Here is the trail report from Winter Park today see below.  Give a call for next weekend we have plenty open and 2 left for Martin Luther King Weekend.  Lots open for Jaunary 23rd weekend and January 30th.  February is filling in more so don’t delay.  Summer guests your confirmation letters went out New Years Eve so they should be hitting your mail boxes soon.  Let me know any changes as soon as you can, it is appreciated

Januray 3, 2016 trail report from Winter Park

Flurries started at 6AM. This will freshen tracks and corduroy. Skate decks are firm and undulate on some trails, but kick and glide are still good, with 65km+ open. Tracks are good to fair and shallow with 43km. Wolf Tracks is fully open; only the first half is tracked. Trails are still “surprisingly good” and “ski like a 2-4.” 15km of rolled/compacted/combed trails. Grass/rock skis are still recommended for your first trip out. SKIJORING is discouraged, so we can protect our trails. Some hilly and marshy ski trail have been opened; use caution! SNOW BIKING is open at 1pm on our Wilderness trails. Chip Wulff Memorial Pond is open and great. SNOWHOEING is good on Mountain Goat and Breaking Free to the Tea House (backwards). SNOW TUBING on Squirrel Hill is closed until we receive 6″+ of new snow. Your snow dances are appreciated!