I have gotten questions wondering if our lake is frozen over.  It has been frozen for about a week and a half.  Our side was the last to freeze in front of the resort.  I am not going walking out on the lake til I see a snowmobile cross it for Tom from Hilltop marking the trail.  I expect to see that by Martin Luther King.  We have very cold temps coming in next week which should be the final cold needed to make the lake completely safe for chickens like me.


For over a week we have had ice fishermen on the lake.  They have been fishing the shallower bays where the ice is the thickest



It takes a different person than me to be the first one on the lake with an ice shack.  I hope they caught fish to make it worth their while.  Ice fishermen are a crazy bunch of die hards.  I am glad they go out and test the ice first for the rest of us who like to follow tracks on a lake instead of making tracks


Birchwood is just such an easy picture to take int the snow.  So excuse one more picture of Birchwood, but it really is pretty up here.

X country trails at Winter Park are open and ready to go check out for their trail update

Snowmobile trails are a different story.  We really need more snow for them.  The lakes are not marked yet so those trails remain closed.  they have opened the land trails but have them in poor to fair condition.  Maybe the snow later in the week will get them going and the cold next week gets the lakes open


The Riley family shared this great pic of their door way at Muskie.  They had a great time on the snowshoe trail


For those that keep up on my trials of trying to get all my old sock machines going, here is the update.  My 1924 just came back with repaired cams.  That is the flipper you see in the picture.  It went to see the guru of Gearhart sock machine fixers in the country.  She rebuilt the cam and resprang the machine replacing the small wire you see in the picture that keeps the cam snapping back down.  It snaps back down but the cam sits too far from the gold cylinder and the needles keep getting jammed in the space between the cam and the needle….  Trying to figure out how to make that cam stay closer to the cylinder.  Thinking a shim of some sort might help…..  Consulting the experts…..  stay tuned.  Meanwhile breaking out the 1904 to run it a bit after its needle slot repair before Christmas.