1958 launching raft

It is cold out and taking pictures outside and freezing my fingers is not high on my list today.  So instead it is time to reach back into the file of old pictures from yesteryear

1958 Raft floating

Dream of warm afternoons at the lake from years gone by….


The way swim suits have changed over time

1958 Mr. Blum, Dick and T

But sitting at the lake has not changed much.  Anyone recognize the chair in the middle?

1958 L Rambo on dock

Maynard enjoying a few moments at the lake

1960 Dock scene

People in the chairs change week to week and year to year, the dock shape changes and the raft moves around a bit but the place remains the same

1958 Seaplane Mrs Taylor, Rocky and Mr Myer

A change we all miss……  the days of the sea plane……

1958 Paddocks and Meyers with Millie

But the party goes on.  Anyone recognize the cute green and white cabin in back of the shed?  The old Shamrock before it was moved next door to Kaubashine

1958 Cocktail party

Cocktail party at the main house.  The lamp on the back table is still in a bedroom somewhere and the picture on the wall is somewhere as well.  Millie is sitting in the wicker chair and it is probably Mayards feet next to her

Hope you enjoyed the trip back in time in time to warm summers of years past