Though I would prefer to think about warm days at the lake….  It is finally time to enjoy winter with cold temps that have finally froze the lake


A certain someone and I went out on the lake to see what tracks we could find after a weekend of cold fun on the lake.  There were tracks everywhere and we both felt safe to go out on the lake for the first time


There were straight tracks from traditional skiing.  Pole plants you could see


Steve’s tracks from skate skiing with Penny the other day.


Tracks of folks walking around headed to somewhere…



Tracks everywhere and tracks returning to shore so I was pretty sure it was safe


Someone even felt energetic enough to shovel off a ice skating rink.  Troy is considering going down later this week with the snow blower and blow off a big one


The trail is still not marked across the lake but we saw snowmobilers crossing a few times this weekend


Are we ready to go up yet?


Summer seems a long way off but before you know it these chairs will be filled.  Waiting for the raft to be completely buried in snow

Sending out good thoughts and prayers to Colorado where there are a few people I know who are also dreaming of being in these chairs instead of where they are.  The chairs will be waiting for you!  Get better!  We are thinking of you! along with the rest of your resort family