I had some nice pictures shared with me by Cindy and Karl Larson.  They come up skiing 2 or 3 times a winter with their dog Maddie.  It is nice to get a different photo perspective from them


Mack is a fan of Cindy and Karl as he goes down to visit for treats about 4 times a day.  I had to call last night when he did not return to see if he was visiting.  Mack picks up right away on who likes him hanging around as he goes on his walk abouts around the resort checking everyone out


Steve’s dog Penny also loves the Larson’s and stops by to play with Maddie who is much better at keeping up to Penny than Mack is


Steve and Karl ski journing with Penny and Maddie around the driveway.  The driveway during the week has become a skiing race track with Steve and Karl.  As long as a squirrel does not distract Penny and Maddie it seems to work well.  Ski Journing with dogs pulling you on skis looks easy but it is actually quite a work out for both dog and skier.

Thank you Karl and Cindy for sharing your winter adventure this week with pictures

Resort 1969 beach

Back to dreaming of summer with this oldie but goodie from the 60’s showing our first slide

Resort 1969 Kane

Mrs Kane enjoying a steak from Maynards grill in the late 60’s.  The Kane family was one of many that started out coming to the resort and then moved to the area.  The Kane’s bought the gas station in Hazelhurst that was originally a grocery store and gas station.  They kept a nice business going as Kane’s Country Store in what is now the Marathon Gas Station.  There was even a small meat market in the store.  There are many stories of Kevin Kane and Craig putting the roof on the old Country Store.  Hazelhurst misses the grocery store and the Kane’s a lot.  Kevin and Di, brother and sister still live in the area and stop by to say hi

Resort 1969 Perch

Here is to thinking about summer and sitting on the perch