We had 4 groups of ice fishermen up at the resort and I took a walk about on the lake to see what was biting


Had to stop and say hi to Cliff with the new inch of snow that came down last night


No word of wisdom from Cliff about ice out.  Just that it is not today.  Guesses must be in my mailbox by March 10th


Stopped first to see the Carrasco family and how they were doing.  Getting a hole in the ice was the main goal with this group


Fishing was a little slow to start but hopefully will be picking up


Next stop was the Cikowski crew.  No winter is complete without a picture of Fritz sitting on a bucket.  Fritz was one of my past ice out winners.  Waiting to see what his guess is for this year.  Fritz and Cliff have a bond over sitting on frozen Lower Kaubashine


I forgot to get a picture of Jimmy and Tommy but they were there too and this was the morning catch so far.  They had thrown a couple of Northerns back.  Jimmy along with his dad Al had a camera under the ice the other day and had a muskie come up to the camera along with a school of bluegill


The crew in Wildflower enjoying some time on the ice


My group in Shamrock set up a little city on the sunken island.  They were set up to fish!


Perch was the fish of the day and they were catching them.  I predict a fish fry in Shamrock tonight


They had an interesting homemade tip up boxes that were working well.


Everyone has their own way of doing things.  Here is a different homemade set up


In ice fishing you can go as low tech or as high tech as you want.  From sitting on a bucket to sitting in a warm heated ice shack.  From holding a pole to jigging one up.  It is all about what works for you


What works for Mack is to not leave the safety of the shoreline.  He was not following me out to the middle of the lake for anything and stayed ready to call out the rescue squad if needed.  Walking on the lake and having the ice crack under your feet a little or hearing the booms of the ice moving and cracking can catch your heart racing even though you know it is perfectly safe.  Mach was taking no chances.

Ice fishing should be good at least for another week or two and we have cabins open and our lower spring rates starting at 125/night through to just before Memorial Day weekend

June 11 – 18th we have 5 cabins open and are considering breaking these weeks up nightly if you are looking for a shorter than a week stay in the summer give a call for this week.  We have Bayview, Wildflower, Restawhile, Shamrock and Wigwam open