It has been a murky few days with fog in the trees and melting snow


The lake is definitely showing signs of melting


Cliff out at his post.  I think it will be a shorter than normal post this year


When I stepped on the raft today it moved a little.  It is breaking away from the grips of ice


Sooner than later this year the boats will be in the water


The guys installed a few floor in Muskie a few weeks ago.  It really changed the look of the cabin and we love it.  Holiday will be next on the list for a new floor but not this spring.

Craig would like to put out a call for old videos of the resort.  If you have old videos of the resort on VHS tape or DVD he would love to copy them.  He has the equipment to get video from VHS and turn it into DVD.  Bring them along when you come up and he would love a copy of them

We are also collecting old pictures of the resort through the years.  If you have some good ones also bring them along and we will add them to the scrap books we are making about the history of the resort and the families that have come through the doors and called Black’s Cliff their home away from home