I took these neat pictures of the mist on the lake on the way home last night.  The ice is quickly fading.  We are expecting colder temps and snow through the weekend.  That will delay the lake going out.

IMG_4135 IMG_4134 IMG_4133


Snow started coming down last night and we have more in the forecast for tonight.  Cliff is looking a little lonely on the lake without ice fishermen keeping him company.  The white float in back of him is an experiment by Troy and Steve.  The buoy is connected to a rope that is connected to the raft anchor.  They did not pull the heavy anchor up last fall.  We shall see if it works in a few weeks

Ice Out Entries for 2016

Here are the entires that came in this year.  The pot is 95 dollars and the winner gets 42.50.

March 27th Tommy Cikowski

March 31 Jimmy Cikowski

April 1 Ruth Grady

April 5 Darling Family

April 6 Fritz and the Carasco Family

April 7th Mike Grady

April 9 Carmela (our only non human golden retriever entry)

April 10th Roberta Cikowski

April 12th Linda Hoadley

April 16th Al Cikowski

Stay tuned to see who wins the pot.