I took this picture of Cliff this morning and did not think today would be the day.  Usually the ice goes out more but…..


Warm sun today and I looked over the hill at 2pm and Cliff had disappeared.  So the official day of sinking in March 29th.  Jimmy and Tommy Cikowski brothers picked March 29 and March 31st so I am declaring a tie and they get to split the pot of 42.50.  I have a feeling they will celebrate their win with a beer or two with Fritz at Hilltop.  Fritz, make sure they are buying atleast the first round


Tommy, Fritz and Jimmy, see you guys in May!

We also had a late entry of 40 dollars from the Brown Family that told me to donate it all to the Northwoods Wildlife Hospital since they were late this year so the Wildlife Center will be getting 82.50 this year.  Thanks to all who participated til next year when Cliff comes back out of the basement.