More of that white stuff came down the last couple of days.  It is pretty in October, November, December, January and February but today…… not so much…..  Happily it should be melting by this weekend


No docks are going in when it is this cold.


Summer soon?


With the white stuff outside in the late afternoons I have been reaching into my scrap bag and creating scrap socks.  They are fun to make.  Keep an eye out when you come to the resort for my selection of scrap socks hanging in the windows.  I usually have a few made up but they go fast.  The middle pair already sold


I have also been making a few pair of kids socks.  They are not my favorite thing to make due to the high tension on my machine that they require but I will have some made up for summer.  They are fun in these bright colors for kids


Before the snow came, Steve got the porch roof of Muskie shingled


We have just a couple of porch roofs to shingle and the 10 year odyssey of reroofing will be done.  There have been a lot of shingles put on the roofs in the last few years and the incidents of leaking roofs has dramatically gone done.  Steve has a message for the master roofer Craig.  Even though Craig said only put two nails in each shingle Steve thinks we can get by with one.  Craig is just happy to see the end of this project he began many years ago.  Maynard would say shingles are too expensive…  but we are all happy and so are the dry guests sleeping on swinging beds during rain storms.  Two more porches to go and we are done!