The lake froze back over last night and we got 5 inches of snow.  By next weekend we are supposed to be almost 70 degrees and we can’t wait!


Swimming area once again a sheet of ice temporarily


While it is cold outside we are boiling down 1/2 of our sap today into maple syrup.  We expect the trees to run one more time starting Monday so we are saving the other half of this batch to cook down with the last run.  This batch has been cooking for a month.  We have been adding fresh sap to it and boiling off the water content on the woodstove everyday.  It is amazing how many buckets of sap went in to this one pot of syrup.   The hydrometer tests the sugar content.  When it bounces to the correct amount we put it in jars and put the cap on to seal it


The sock machine has been busy in the cold.  This will be a headband when I finish it.  Headbands have been fun to make and I will have lots of them ready to go this summer for sale.  The boys crank them out and I finish them.  Grant is funding a trip to Costa Rica with Spanish club with the headbands and scarves he makes, they have a special yellow tag in the shop.  Ben’s go toward his college education this fall along with all the socks and scarves.  The sock machines are busy!


Can’t wait til this is back to open water in a few days

Bring on summer!