The lake has finally just about completely gone out.  By weekend we are supposed to be 70 degrees.  We have several cabins open at low spring rates if you want to come up starting at 125/night.  Give a call if interested 715 356 3018.


I took this picture the other day before our snow melted.  Steve cutting the boards for the new top to the swimming dock.


Dreaming of summer days spent sitting on those boards.  Notice they are wider than the old dock boards


It is still cold for one more day and our maple trees are just finishing up.  Notice the top pot has new clear sap in it straight from the trees.  The bottom pot is one I have been working on for a month every day adding more sap to the pot.  It slowly gets more and more concentrated and the color turns darker and darker brown naturally as the sugar in the sap gets more concentrated.  Making maple syrup is that easy.  Collect the sap, put it in pots and slowly boil it down.  You add absolutely nothing else to it but more and more and more sap.  The goal is to burn off the water in the sap leaving just the wonderful syrup behind