It was a beautiful weekend at the resort for campfires.  I have to say that the above picture is only allowed if you are over 80 and our wood chairs are too hard for old muscles.  The lady in the chair was sitting on the porch instead of joining her family by the fire due to her sore muscles.  I thought this was the picture of over 80 bliss.  However I do not want it become common place for everyone to do.  So keep in mind the rules for bringing a recliner out by the fire.  Anyone else seen doing this will be put on garbage duty around the resort.  But it is sure fun if over 80 to see how much she enjoyed sitting out by the fire.


There were many others out enjoying the fire the usual way.  The lake was calm and the loons were out


Best part of weekend was picking out non wool, acrylic ankle socks to enjoy the fire with.  I have a nice selection of great non wool ankle socks like these to enjoy the cool warmer evenings.  Check them out in the gift shop when you come up


Lots of painting started around the resort this weekend.  Freshening up the wooden chairs was first on the list


Steve and Troy got started on taking down part of the gate for painting.  The upper part of the gate has rotted over the past years and we are replacing it with new logs and repainting the inside of the triangle.  Steve had fun renting the lift and going up for a ride to take down the sign


Troy on the ground keeping tension on the sign with a rope as Steve loosens it up


Slowly lowering it to the ground


Just as planned….. so far…


Hopefully back up in a couple of weeks with a fresh coat of paint