The sun finally came out today after quite a few days of rain.


While it was raining we finally had time to finish off our maple syrup.  We came out with our biggest year of about 6 gallons of syrup.  At 32 to 1 ratio that is a lot of buckets of sap boiled down.  Finally all the cabin fridges are empty of stored sap in pots, bowls and pitchers.  It is all in these jars


Deer in the woods wondering when the rain would stop


Between rain drops I took the time to run over to Cedar falls to catch the fish spawning in the falls.  There were no muskie’s when I stopped just the red fins of the suckers


This rock was a popular spot for the suckers




Muskies next time


Penny was getting swimming lessons from Steve.  She was not thrilled with this new idea of ball retrieval


Katie sadly lost her black dog, Boone this winter from diabetes.  She stopped in to meet her new dog Kara.  Kara is in the back.  Her owner was in a bad accident and could no longer take care of her.  Katie adopted her as friend for Macy who has been missing Boone.  I have a new name for these two “The Australian Dingo Sisters”  They both have Australian Heeler in their mix.  Penny was not thrilled with them as they are both herding dogs and decided herding Penny was their mission.