Sunset on Lower Kaubashine


This is a busy time of year for us getting all the projects done.  Steve power washed the totem poles to get them ready for staining and putting the top back on.  Bryon is working on repainting the top triangle


Blasting away the grime


Pontoon boat seats getting reupholstered.  Reupholstry, means one thing….. Laura and Don Quackenbush have come to visit.  They have been working on pontoon boat beautification the last couple of years


They just need a nice big cabin to work and out comes the sewing machine and the sewing shop is set up.


Mack posing with them with our new improved pontoon boat seats.  If you are in southern Wisconsin, especially in Lake Geneva, Quakenbush Upholstery is the place to call.  From little jobs to yachts, Don and Laura do a great job


Soon these chairs will be full for the summer, but til then we are scurrying around painting, cleaning and raking