First for the pretty picture of the day.  Katie, my sister, took this picture of Clear Lake in Woodruff on the Raven Trail.  If you have not hiked the Raven Trail or stopped at the Clear Lake beach you are missing something.  I wish our beach was like the Clear Lake Beach.  Kudos to Katie for the great picture


Now on to Facelifts.  The fish house is getting a little TLC starting with brown paint.  Green will be next and then we shall see about the inside…..


The more major facelift was going on at Eagles Nest.  Since we had a nice warm spring and lots of calls due to the Travel Wisconsin video I thought it might be a good idea to see if we could get Eagles Nest up and running a little sooner than usual.  Eagles Nest is our last seasonal cabin that we have.  It is shut down in the late fall and becomes storage for stuff through the winter.  Most springs we empty it by mid May and are scrambling to get it ready for Memorial Day Weekend and don’t take the time to do any changes.  So this year I thought lets get it cleaned up early and ready to go…. that was the initial idea….  The guys started emptying the cabin and looking around at a few projects they have not had time to do the week before Memorial Day Weekend.  So out come the tools


Nope the cabin is not ready for me to start cleaning.  The guys were supposed to just empty the cabin and put the new couch in and turn on the water for me and the cleaning crew…  Well the new couch made it in…


Then this happened to the kitchen


All of a sudden there is carpet in the driveway.


New kitchen floor was the first thing to go in.  Missing picture is the guys also put the flooring as the bottom of the cupboards which really made them look nice


New carpet being tacked down


More sawing.  You know they are serious when the table saw gets moved on location


Now here is the thing that will make every person who has stayed in Eagles Nest cheer, SHELVES!  Steve got to thinking if he was staying in Eagles Nest there is no place to put your stuff and it bothered him.  Now there is!  Way to go Steve!  When Craig comes home this week a range hood and light will hopefully be installed.  It involves bunching a hole through the roof for a vent and Steve wanted Craig around for that in case things go bad.  No more little light over the stove.

Not pictured, Steve also planed and trimmed the french windows in the bedroom that have had a tough time closing the last couple of years.  Eagles Nest was built in the 60’s and things have shifted since it was built and the windows needed a little TLC.  Steve has always dreamed of tearing down Eagles Nest and building a year round cabin.  I keep telling him that people love Eagles Nest for its old cabin charm and to leave it alone.  We compromised on a facelift.  He has other plans for the cabin in the fall or next year.  He would love to take out the twin beds in the living room and install a gas fireplace and a big TV.  If you have feelings either way on this let us know.  It is in the planning stages.  Yes some year the cabin will get a screened in porch and swinging bed too.  This was a nice start for our compromise to make a few changes in the old cabin but keep its charm


The new kitchen floor.  The kitchen is really coming together and I love it!  Troy and Steve did a good job and spring cleaning of Eagles Nest is next week.  Eagles Nest is open May 15th to the 21st and then is booked til Sept 2nd.  It is open Sept 2nd and 3rd and then opens again Sept 10th – SEpt 22nd.  Sept 25th it is open until mid October when we shut it down again and maybe do some more work on it.  Give a call if interested in Eagles Nest.  For its privacy, private dock and rustic charm Eagles Nest next to Birchwood is the most sought after cabin during the season it is open.

Here are our remaining openings for summer.  I just posted a couple of early June specials and Birchwood opened June 8, 9 and 10  Call if interested.  We also have openings up to Memorial Weekend starting at 125/night

Memorial Day Weekend

Norway 3bdr and Bayview 2bdr open up to Saturday but are booked out Saturday

Red Pine 4 bdr 3night minimum 180 4 people, 255/night up to 6 people, 365/night up to 10

May 30th to June 3rd lots of cabins open at low spring rates starting at 125/night

June 8 – 14th the following nightly openings

Birchwood 2bdr June 8, 9 and 10th 455/ 3 nights.  This is our most popular 2bdr and will not stay open long

Bear Den 4bdr June 6, 7, 8 and 9th at 175/night up to 4 people, 200/night up to 6 or 225/night up to 8

Shamrock 3bdr June 11, 12, 13 and 14th at 175/night up to 4, 235/night 6 people 4 night minimum

August 19 – 26

Blackwood 2bdr 1425/week

August 26th – Sept 2nd

Restawhile 2bdr open starting August 27th.  895/week or 765/6 nights

Blackwood 2bdr opens starting August 26th at same rate as Restawhile week rental Friday to Friday

Shamrock and Wigwam 3bdrs 1125/week or 965/6 nights

Holiday 4bdr 6 nights August 27 – September 2nd 1200/6 nights

Red Pine and Bear Den open starting August 26th at 1595/week Friday to Friday

Labor Day Weekend

Blackwood 2bdr 175/night 3 night minimum

Bayview 2bdr opens on the 3rd 175/night 2 night minimum

Eagles Nest 2bd 175/night Sept  2, and 3rd

Shamrock and Wigwam 3bdrs 235/night 3 night minimum

Norway 3bdr opens on Saturday the 3rd at 255/night 2 night minimum

Kaubashine 3bdr 255/night 3 night minimum

Bear Den and Red Pine 4bdrs 365/night 3 night minimu