Many guests have taken the time to do the  Northwoods Zip Line in Minocqua.  The Ament family had not done it yet but it was on Jaimie’s Mother’s Day bucket list of things to do with the family.  Charlie and Noah were ready to go with mom.  Nathan and Jamie had  zip lined in Mexico and wanted to do it again but take the boys this time.  Northwoods Zip Line is 2 1/2 hours of 8 amazing zips with great guides along to get you through it.  After doing Mexico, Nathan and Jaimie where impressed with how much fun Minocqua’s was.  Well worth the money they said and Charlie and Noah agreed


Noah ready to do the first zip.  No fear!


The suspension bridges are one of the things I hear are more nerve racking than the zips.  I thought they were fun when our family did it.  Noah and Charlie were all smiles.  There are several bridges on the tour


In between zips still all smiles.  The guides took all the pictures and do a photo package for families.  The only thing is, the guides are too busy during the zips helping folks take off and land that they don’t get the mid zip pictures.  Take a look at the Northwoods Zip Line page for more pictures of folks in mid zip.


Jaimie, “I love the bridges…. I love the bridges….. Nathan are we having wine after this if I love the bridges?”


I can do it!


The end of an amazing afternoon with the family.  Thanks to Nathan and Jaimie and Noah and Charlie for sharing the great pictures of their amazing family adventure.  If you have not tried the Northwoods Zipline in Minocqua it is a must do.  The zipline is open year round.  I do not enjoy roller coasters, being dropped on water slides, going up on roofs, but the zipline with all its safety equipment I loved it as much as the Ament family.  You sit in the harness and off you go

The best part of the entire adventure is a long zip that takes you our over a lake.  The views are amazing!  By the time you do this last zip over the lake you are ready for it and it is a piece of cake