Craig came back from Arizona this week and headed straight to the beach to begin working on assembling our new swimming dock.  The big white dock is being replaced.  Craig has spent a winter designing it in his head.


Each pallet is being hand built by him one board at a time


Rule at the resort this weekend was, if you are headed to the beach grab a board on your way down.  Charlie and Noah were earning dimes for the pinball game going back and forth.  Noah hit his personal high score and can’t wait to come back in July to beat it again.


Even if you are 18 and don’t want your picture taken, grab something on your way down the steps


Lots of work going on at the lake.  Raft being painted.  Ben claims this is the last time he is painting it as he will be in college next year.  He forgets about how much he will miss home and painting the raft and I bet he makes it back next year


Mom, stop making up stories about me and put the camera down.  Did you grab a board on your way down to the beach or just take pictures?


Ah but Ben, you will miss the cold lake and wadders…. I am sure of it


“No”, says Ben, “I will just do things smarter like right now and convince folks on vacation that it is fun to help do docks.  I have read Tom Sawyer and am inspired by the white picket fence story.”

Nathan’s comment from the shoreline “Hey Ben when you are smart and go to college you stay on the shoreline and help from there.  Who has the wadders on and who is on the shoreline”


But look who laughs last and is enjoying his nap.  Who needs college?