Absolutely beautiful this morning and warming up after a cold weekend.  Hopefully we have turned the corner on the cold stuff


The Lilies of the Valley are popping out.  They will be blooming soon with that amazing smell wafting off the hill


Troy and I took a walk down our trail across the road from the resort.  I wanted him to finally show me where the nymph in the swamp was.  Steve has been talking since fall about the nymph of the forest we left in the swamp for people to find.  Unfortunately he gave us no clues as to her location.  I am giving this one.  Look for the blue square on the tree above and follow the trail to find the lady


The tail takes you a short way to the nymph in the swamp


Interesting thing to find in the swamp….


On our way back the final, I hope, snow of the season was being caught in spider webs long the trail


If this was October I would think it much prettier than in May



Troy and I have been squirreling away pinecones the last couple of weeks.  They have been falling like crazy and we collected them before they got squished when folks come to the resort.  I will be selling bags of cones in the gift shop.  If you are a crafter that needs some stop by they will be much cheaper than the crazy prices I see on line for pine cones