The sun is out and the dock is filling up.  This view means summer is here!  We still have Bear Den July 29 – August 5th and I am opening up a week on Birchwood I had been holding August 6 – 13th.  Birchwood’s opening will not stay open long.  Give a call if interested


Getting the last few pre summer projects done.  These new chairs are headed to the new dock at the beach.  Getting their final coat of stain


New poles for the top of our gate we took down a few weeks ago and just about ready to go back up.  Bryon has given our Raccoon gate top a facelift and we have to go pick it up


To pick up the new chairs Steve found a new trailer he had been asking for, for awhile.  This trailer has a lot of hauling ahead of it


Those that drive down to Eagles Nest over the roots in the road will be happy that 4 loads of gravel where spread over the road to make it much more enjoyable to drive.


I spent a couple of afternoons making the newest, summer thing everyone will be asking for.  Pinecone fire starters that will be for sale in the office


Each one is dipped in bees wax.  The bees wax causes the cones to light fast and stay lit.  We tried them in our fireplace and liked them.  They also gave off the smell of honey as they burned.  The can be used on fires or starting a grill.  They are 50 cents each or a dozen for 5 dollars.  Stop in to the Loony Bin shop at the office to try them out or give as a gift

I am working on a way of giving them a color while burning, but have not perfected that yet

I also have bags of plain cones for sale in the office for 4.50 for about 35 or so cones


This picture is for a person in Elmhurst who needs a little inspiration to keep getting stronger so he can enjoy his 2nd home, Birchwood at the end of July.