We had a huge wind storm come through Friday at 5pm.  As of Sunday morning we are still out of power but hoping to get it back today.  We are running the resort on 4 generators.  Everyone has their fridges on, an extra plug in for a light, running water and no excuse for hanging on the internet, there is none at the moment

The town of Minocqua took a bigger hit.  A tree fell over on the Minocqua Brew Pub and Torpy Park lost a lot of big pines.  There was no power for 30 miles from the MInocqua bridge to Lake Nokomis, not a gas station on til you got to the bridge going in to Minocqua.  Lets just say the Island was very busy with people looking for Friday dinner.  I heard McDonalds had a line out to the high way and not a seat to be had at any restaurant that had electric in town Friday.  Thankfully Saturday they got the big tree off the main power line that runs to Minocqua and the town was back up by Saturday afternoon

Our road is taking a bit longer.  The tree with the cross on it before the resort was blown over and it took a power pole with it.  Lots of yellow tape still around the power poles at the corner and no trucks there yet this morning.  Hoping they get things up and running by evening.


In the meantime everyone at the resort enjoyed the excuse to sit by the campfires and roast marshmallows.  Nobody seemed to concerned as long as their fridges were on and the water was running.


More smores please!


My brother inlaw Bryon who built our gate 20 years ago, was in charge of repainting the triangle that goes at the top.  He got it back together and looking better than the original.  We will be putting it back up in its place next week on the gate.  Great job Bryon!