If you have never gone on a swamp tour with Steve it is quite an experience.  Steve loves our bog and stream area down the road from the resort.  He periodically takes other swamp folks down to play in his back yard.

Steve learned his love of the swamp from our mom Trudy who was also known to take guests on hikes in the bog and introduce them to Pitcher Plants and what they eat.  People still tell tales of going out in the bog with her


Of his favorite things to do is to open the culvert between two sides.  The culvert gets filled with junk and needs to be cleaned out.  This usually involves a gush of water out the other end…  I heard a few turtles and snakes erupted along with a bunch of water.  Katie’s boys, Bella and cousins Will and John could not have been happier


Hanging out in Kaubashine creek looking for minnows usually involves figuring out how to get across the creek


There are those that take the dry way….


And those that take the road less traveled with their minnow traps in hand


Fun was had by all the cousins.  TIme to head back and tell the tales of the snake in the culvert to make their moms squirm


A good day with family in the northwoods.