The days have been great and we have been breaking in the new dock


The lake levels are about as high as they go as we have had more and more rain


Rain and sun and floating with unicorns…. does not get better than that


Only thing better is getting your dad to grab a pink float and float with you.


Yep there is some definite relaxing going on.  Those are some very relaxed feet!IMG_4907

Steve has been prepping the gate for putting the top back on.  Thursday is the day it all goes back together again


While relaxing it is fun to have a cloudy cool day for an excuse to go shopping at the Saint Germain Flea Market on Monday mornings.  Somehow I ended up being the only one spending money and the girls helped me carry it out.  The best deal was the wonderful wicker rocker I scored for 35 bucks.  Saint Germain Flea Market is an experience everyone needs on Mondays all summer long


My only problem is when the office follows and I have to text or return messages while trying to get out of the flea market in one piece while carrying a chair.  This is called multitasking