Our annual horseshoe tournament came this week.  For the first time we did not have our leader Mr Tungett to inspire us to leave the beach and go to Hilltop to throw some shoes.  We lost Mr T last year but his spirit lives on in his tournament.  His daughters Eleanor and Linda holding the horse shoe plaque made in his honor showing every year of winners and runners up.  Tom Hixson had Mr Tungett’s picture etched on the plaque.  The tournament carries on in his memory


This year it came down for father vs son.  Rich Snodgrass vs….


Eric Snodgrass


Artsy Katie Black vs….


Library Kate


In the end it was Rich Snodgrass and Library Kate who won who were congratulated by Oh No, Tom Hixson in his usual honorary way


Eric was happy to get his name off the pony plaque for not winning in the tournament over the years and Katie Black was all smiles with her secret ability to throw one point horse shoes consistently


Everyone gathered for the picnic afterwards with their dish to pass as is the rule at 5:30 sharp


Stories of past tournaments and who is still on the pony plaque were talked about


The three amigos rounded out the night honor Mr Tungett with the mounting of the plaque in the office


How many Amigos does it take to mount a plaque…….  Three…. and Mr Tungett would be happy


A salute was had in Three Amigo style


That toast was followed by Linda’s Sambuca shot toast also in her dad’s memory


This shot with an orange slice in it is something to be experienced once a year.


It was followed by a birthday cake for Irish Kate (yes we had a lot of Kate’s at the resort this week)

Til Next year when the shoes are ringing gain and Mr Tungett is smiling from where he is sitting watching his family and friends gather once again playing a game he loved together