Last September we lost a very special lady and friend, Char, pictured above in her rocking chair with her family and friends around.  Char was one of those special people in your life you will always remember and treasure.  She touched the lives of many who did not know her in other weeks around the resort.  She insisted I have mixers in every cabin even though I did not see the reason to bake cakes on vacation.  She led the crusade to make sure every cabin was stocked with wine glasses because what is vacation without wine?  She snuck around me when I said I was too busy to get the humming bird feeders up.  Char arranged for my youngest son to get the feeders up and stocked and he was not to ask his mom for help.  Char taught him how to make the juice and how to hang the feeders.  She came every spring to hang them up and every fall to take them down and clean them out.  She was a special lady and we miss her…..

My sister Katie who painted my loon disk above my office wanted to do something special for Char and her family and she could not have picked a better way to do it

Char’s daughters Karey and Annie and me posing with Katie’s tribute to Char.  By the girls request it was hung in the kitchen and dinning room of Muskie where she loved to be making lasagna or playing scrabble with her family and friends

If you stay in Muskie please take the time to drink a glass of wine and enjoy Katie’s art work that was hung up in honor of Char.


We miss you Kiddo