After trying several new “used” motors the last couple of years on our old 1956 shell lake ski boat we finally bit the bullet and bought the old boat a new life with a Evinrude Etc motor from Ryden Marine in Minocqua.  Hands down this was one of the best decisions we have made in awhile.  The old motors chugged… did not have power to get kids up skiing and were basically frustrating

This boat pulled skiers at the resort since 1956 when Maynard bought it new until the mid 80’s when insurance companies made it impossible for us to offer skiing anymore in the afternoons.  The old boat went into storage for many years but we have tried the last couple of years to get it back in operation for our family to enjoy.  It is a part of the resort that should not be in storage but out flying across the lake

We made some modifications for the boat to put the new motor on.  It is a long shaft motor that we had to put an elevated transom on.  When the boat was built it was recommended for a 25 horse as that was the largest motor made at the time.  This new light 40 horse oil injected engine was just what the old boat needed


My friend Sue and I ready to put the boat through its paces.  We relived our teenage days flying around the lake with the new motor.  One of the nicest thing about the new motors is how quiet they are.  We could talk while I pulled the kids skiing


Jake starting out and getting up without a problem with a motor that finally had some umpfa to it


Happy boat driver with Jake slaloming behind the boat.  The old motor he could not get up without a struggle and if he dropped a ski he sunk without the power to keep him up


Hats off to new motors!  Ben agrees!