The Walsh Family enjoyed their 30th summer at the resort this week.  Lots of bluegill fishing was done


There is nothing better than bluegill fishing with grandpa putting on worms…. taking off fish…..


Repeat as needed… put on worm…. take off fish…  This picture is what it is all about.  The magic of a dock, a grandpa, a floppy hat, simple pole with a bobber and a green rocking chair

I try to tell lots of new guests at the resort that you really don’t have to load the kids up in the boats and listen to them squirm as they have to pee or are bored.  It is all about sitting on the dock and putting on a worm….. taking off fish….


The next generation of Walsh’s waiting to meet little John  when he arrives next month he has his stocking waiting.

Congrats to the Walsh’s on 30 great years at Black’s Cliff and many more


We had a new restaurant open 2 minutes from the resort that is open Wed – Sunday 11 to 6.


This is the little old house it is located in.  On the way to Charilie’s Cheese, turn left and this is the first house on Church street.  You park on the lawn and get ready for a treat


The inside has been done wonderfully with Northwoods charm


I tried the Asian Rice with chicken.  Loved it and topped it off with a sweet tea and a peanut butter cake that was to die for


Here is the menu as it stands right now.


They have coffee, not espresso but really good coffee


And more important beer and sake! and yes wine!

Stop by and see Vince for a unique experience