I know many lakes in the south get very green this time of year from run off.  Not up North.  The late summer is some of the clearest waters.  It is fun to spot the fish through the clear water


Blue gills swimming in the shoreline


Just waiting for someone to drop a worm in for them to steal off a hook


Or a golden retriever to jump in the water and they swim between his legs and drive him nuts


Yep it really is that clear this time of year.



We are quickly filling up for fall.  Right now the resort is booked out til  September 9th.  That is the most bookings solid we have ever had.  If you are thinking of coming up this fall don’t not wait give a call before we fill up.  The fall is truly one of the best times to be in the Northwoods


On a completely unrelated topic I had to share the pic of this mushroom by Shamrock.  Steve calls it a puff mushroom and I can see why.  Supposedly it is eatable but I will leave that to someone else to be the first to taste.  August is mushroom season you never know where they will pop up