We had a very nice visit with Mark and Kathy Lammers.  Lots of memories shared and stories retold.  Mark and Kathy started coming to the resort with their grandparents back in the 60’s staying in Birchwood

Resort  20

Here they are with their Katherine Taylor their grandma and friend, Eleanor Tungett.  Summers on Lower Kaubashine have been a part of their lives.  They have traveled through out the world but always return to Birchwood to reconnect with the Northwoods and our family


Something about diving into Lower Kaubashine

Resort  9

Makes you feel like you are 10 again


Or taking off in the old red boat.  Mark worked for us for many summers taking skiers with me.  He and I would then at the end of the day would take each other skiing.  We both had the one ski beach start perfected back in the day and could whip each other in close enough to shore for drop offs that we never got wet skiing.  Times have changed and all three of us were happy with a boat ride instead of skiing around the lake.  The thought of the sore muscles and trips to the chiropractor after a ski were not what we wanted to experience


That is the smile of someone who has not driven the old boat in 30 years and is enjoying himself and feeling like a teenager again


Birchwood is always the place for the Taylor family


Two nights to enjoy the swinging bed.  Right away there was a sibling agreement that Mark got it one night and Kathi got it the other night.  Mark lucked out and got it for the thunderstorm night.  There is nothing like sleeping in a swinging bed at night and listening to a thunderstorm.


Time spent remembering lots of hours spent looking at the same view on the old white dock with grandma, grandpa, mom and dad…… and enjoying memories of my grandparents and parents and time spent with our family.  Trudy’s flying food show was mentioned… and time spent at the wood shed….


Good times.  Where does time fly?


A canoe ride out on Lower Kaubashine at sunset was a must.  Only thing missing was a yellow canoe named the Mad River Mama, which is at Steve’s house


Many miles of rivers have perfected their paddling skills over the years


A wonderful dinner at sunset at the Thirsty Whale on Lake Minocqua


One pesky bird who wanted to join in on dinner


Thanks for coming it was a great visit!