Time to clean out the sheds.  Ever wonder what is hidden in the sheds…. we wonder too sometimes.  Craig has spent a week out at the wood shed cleaning and organizing the back end of the storage shed


Lots of old ski boat parts.  If you happen to have a 1950’s boat that is red we happen to have lots of parts for its steering


Ever wonder about where to get water if the apocalypse happens?  We still have several working hand water pumps.  These were spread in a couple of places through the resort for guests to get their water from before indoor plumbing.  I think this one was at the top of the beach steps.  We still have one of these by Wildflower and it pumped water 25 years ago when we lost electric for 3 days.  Does it still work…. not sure


Old pot belli stoves from years gone by….  This one may be resurrected as a maple syrup cooker this winter


Craig’s favorite treasure in the shed is this old folk art piece.  We are not sure who built it or why.  It is a scale model of the old Shamrock.  Someone took a lot of time to make this copy of Shamrock.  Was it an old bird house?  We don’t think so, too big.  Was it a chipmunk house?  Who knows…  Craig is taking it to Arizona with him this winter to do a little TLC work on it to bring it back to what it was and we will find a spot somewhere for it.  Maybe out by the office…  It is a neat piece if you have ever seen it

The interesting things you find in the storage sheds of old resorts


Birchwood just canceled Sept 23 – 30th 950/week, 170/night Fri and Sat and 145/night mid week

Sept 17th weekend we have Wildflower open at 160/night Fri and Sat and 125/night Sunday night 3 night minimum

Norway Pines is open up to Saturday and we will do a special of 145/night mid week and 170/night for Friday for up to 4 people.  Otherwise it is the 3 bdr rate of 185/night mid week and 235/night for Saturday up to 7

Several cabins open up for the week starting on Sunday18th if you want some nice quiet mid week days starting at 125/night