We had a beautiful afternoon and nobody checking in at the resort so we pulled the old ski boat out of Lower Kaubashine and headed down the road to Lake Katherine right in Hazelhurst.  Lake Katherine is the lake you see when you come in to Hazelhurst on Hwy 51 with the islands.  It is a beautiful lake and easy to launch at.  We had not been out on the lake in over 10 years


Launched and ready to head off on a lake adventure.  Lake Katherine is much bigger than Lower Kaubashine.  Over half of the lake is not developed.  It is still owned by the family that is descended from the logging company from the turn of the century, the Yawkee’s.  There are many beautiful homes and boat houses on the lake along with miles of unbuilt shoreline and islands.  We were off to explore in the old boat


This is one of my favorite things on the lake.  The Hagge’s diving platform and slide.  I wish our insurance company would allow this but I know better than to ask.  Always looks like fun


Fun to see all the boat houses around the lake


Spotted a loon on the lake.  It is starting to get its boring gray winter colors


Boat houses and more boat houses


My favorite


This glass A Frame looks like a ton of fun to hang out at


It was rough in the main part of the lake with the wind going across.  When you are in a small 16 foot 1956 half wood boat you feel every wave hit and have a healthy respect for white caps


We found our way over to the channel that leads to Lake Tomahawk.  We were not taking the old boat into uncertain water depths.  Next time in a canoe we would give it a try


The shoreline along the lake was beautiful


Lots of islands and coves to explore


We found our way over to Hwy 51 bridge


Under the bridge we go.  Weird to travel under a bridge we usually drive over


The small part of Lake Katherince on the other side of the bridge is amazing.  Besides a noisy highway behind you it is remote with only one house in this area.  The sides of the lake here are very steep and it backs up to the Bearskin Trail.


This picture does not do the dense pine and cedar trees justice that line this part of the lake.  Absolutely beautiful


Our cellphone goes off at this point and it is time to get back to the resort.  We are hoping to visit a few other lakes in the next couple of weeks in the old red boat

We still have cabins open starting Sunday Sept 18th and one cabin left next weekend.

Featured opening:  Birchwood is open October 25 – 30th at 145/night mid week 2 night minimum